recycled concrete products

Concrete Recycling is one of the most cost effective and sustainable solutions for any construction project. Using recycled aggregate products can supplement traditional crushed rock and virgin aggregates.

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Recycled Concrete Products

The quality and performance of recycled crushed concrete is equivalent to virgin aggregate and in most cases more cost effective. Recycled concrete materials have been used successfully in pavement and road construction by councils throughout Australia.

Tipping & Disposal

Our facilities accept tipping of all concrete products. We take a wide range of construction materials – from asphalt, to old bricks, to concrete and more. We love taking used materials, crushing them, and turning them into high quality road base and other recycled products.

environmental benefits

By investing in recycled concrete, you’re helping to reduce landfill and preserve our natural resources. For the same price or less than new quarry products, you can do your bit for the environment as well by choosing a recycled quarry material. You might be surprised by the additional credibility your project can gain by using our recycled materials.

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concrete is 100%
recyclable & sustainable

From tiles to demolished concrete and more, old, damaged or unwanted concrete can be repurposed into useful recycled aggregates. Recycled Concrete Products offers an alternative to virgin quarried materials at substantially reduced rates.

Materials from demolition, deconstruction and renovation sites are delivered to us to be recycled, rather than dumped into landfill. The materials then go through a crushing and screening process before they’re turned into new construction products.

our facilities

At Recycled Concrete Products, we have centrally-located facilities, offering local businesses and private customers access to a variety of recycled concrete and brick products, covering the entire Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter regions.

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NOTE: Dumping of non compliant recyclable product i.e. timber, asbestos, bonded asbestos, friable asbestos, fibro, soil, clay or any other waste deemed not recyclable is not accepted at any of our plants and will be removed at customers expense. It is also our duty to report this type of activity to the EPA & relative authorities in such circumstances.