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Sandstone has been used as a building product for thousands of years. It’s been used in everything from prehistoric huts to marvellous cathedrals and character homes. But what happens when you have no use for that sandstone anymore?

Recycled Concrete Products have the solution for you. We recycle quarry aggregates, turning them into brand new products and giving them life once again. The best part is that Recycled Concrete Products makes it incredibly easy for customers to recycle their unwanted sandstone. Here’s how:

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We accept any clean sandstone in any quantity

It doesn’t matter where the sandstone comes from – as long as it’s clean, we’ll take it off your hands! We take clean sandstone from construction sites, demolition sites, remodelling projects and more.

The two-step process

Our quarry material recycling processes are fast and efficient, allowing us to conduct the whole operation in just two simple steps:

1. You tip the clean sandstone

Load up the truck with clean sandstone (or any other accepted construction materials) and come to our facilities for tipping after arranging pre-approval with our team.

2. We recycle it

We take that clean sandstone and recycle it into various products: from road base to slab fill and more.


Why is recycling sandstone so important?

There are dozens of reasons why you should look to recycle your sandstone rather than dump it:

It’s smoother than river sand

Research from the University of Southern Queensland has shown that recycled sandstone has a smoother microscopic morphology and better particle size distribution than river sand, indicating better mortar performance in terms of compressive strength.

It’s eco-friendly and sustainable

While the construction industry is facing a shortage or river sand, recycled sandstone is the perfect solution. It’s sustainable, saving more sandstone and river sand from being extracted, and gives extra life to existing sandstone.

It’s affordable

Recycled sandstone comes with a significant discount over new sandstone.

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Save money, buy quality and help protect the environment all at the same time. Recycled Concrete Products are your one-stop shop for recycling construction materials and purchasing high-grade recycled aggregates. With two convenient locations in Central Coast and Newcastle, look no further than Recycled Concrete Products.