Concrete is what Recycled Concrete Products does best. We take the concrete that you don’t need and recycle it into high-grade, sustainable concrete which is equal in quality to newly-made quarry products.

Through this process, Recycled Concrete Products is able to provide top quality road base and aggregates for a fraction of the cost of new concrete. Here’s how we produce Central Coast’s best recycled concrete and other recycled aggregates, while providing a service to locals who need construction materials taken off their hands.

Concrete tipping

1. we accept the concrete

First, we provide a service to locals by accepting their concrete tipping. Trucks, trucks and more trucks visit our facilities, day in, day out, tipping used construction materials and quarry materials into our depot.

2. we crush the concrete

Concrete crushing is the next step. We crush all the concrete and other aggregates that enter our facilities. Then, we turn those used materials into premium grade recycled concrete by employing highly effective methods and diligent workmanship.

3. We sell the concrete

The final step: we sell the quality recycled concrete which we’ve spared from going into landfill. These recycled aggregates can be used for retaining walls, roads, footpaths, structures – you name it.

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benefits of choosing Recycled Concrete Products’s recycled concrete

These are the perks of choosing us for recycled concrete and other aggregates:

Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

Recycled Concrete Products is a business that prides itself on quality. We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to concrete. We use proven, effective methods of concrete crushing and recycling.


Cost Effective

Why pay more money for a product of equal quality? Recycled concrete is the way to go if you want to save massive amounts of money, but also get a high-quality product.


Manufacturing & Supply

One of the best reasons to choose Recycled Concrete Products for recycled concrete is the fact it’s sustainable. We’re sparing all those fossil fuels (carbon equivalents) that are used in the production of new concrete.

Save money, buy quality and help protect the environment all at the same time. Recycled Concrete Products are your one-stop shop for recycling construction materials and purchasing high-grade recycled aggregates. With two convenient locations in Central Coast and Newcastle, look no further than Recycled Concrete Products.