about recycled concrete products

Recycled Concrete Products is the Central Coast’s leading provider for recycled concrete, brick product tipping, as well as a wide range of recycled products. Recycled Concrete Products are passionate about recycling concrete and delivering a premium product at a discounted rate. We service a vast area, from Central Coast, to Newcastle to Hunter Valley, and beyond.



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Our story

Recycled Concrete Products is the Central Coast professional’s first choice for all your aggregate recycling needs. Highly experienced and with the right equipment for the job, we’ve honed our craft in concrete recycling over the years.

Our guarantee

When you choose Recycled Concrete Products for your next job or project, your purchase comes with a few guarantees: quality concrete, benefits for the environment and more money in your pocket. One of the perks of recycling concrete over virgin aggregate is that you get a product of equal quality at a significant discount. You’re also doing the environment a big favour!

Our coverage

Recycled Concrete Products are committed to providing the best quality recycled concrete, far and wide. From the suburban streets of Woy Woy, all the way to the northern edges of the Hunter Valley, Recycled Concrete Products’s service range is one of the largest of its kind in New South Wales.

Our mission

Our mission is simple – to provide you with the best quality recycled concrete and to reduce environmental impacts of the concrete industry while we do it. Recycling concrete is actually one of the best things you can do for the environment. Did you know that at least eight per cent of global emissions are caused by the cement industry, particularly when it comes to new concrete production? Recycled concrete spares the high amount of carbon equivalent emissions used to create new concrete.