Versatile and affordable, asphalt takes many different forms and is used around the world. From housing to civil construction, this material is something the world can’t get enough of.

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Asphalt tipping

Recycled Concrete Products takes any used, unwanted asphalt and recycle them into new aggregates. If you’ve got a large quantity of asphalt you need disposing of, here’s why you need to contact Recycled Concrete Products in Central Coast or Newcastle and arrange a truck tipping:

Recycled Concrete Products makes tipping easy

Through state-of-the-art facilities, professional staff and affordable rates, we make life easier in the tipping department. Our depot accepts all kinds of recyclable aggregates, from concrete to roof tiles to asphalt.

simple process

Simply get in touch with our team and tell them you need asphalt taken off your hands as soon as possible. Then, you’ll load up a truck and tip off the asphalt, along with any other recyclable construction materials that need tipping. After that, we take that asphalt to use it in road base, slab fill and other high quality products.

why recycle asphalt?

You might look at your pile of asphalt and think, ‘Why would this need recycling? What good could this do?’ The answer is surprising:


Recycling asphalt into new quality aggregates is highly sustainable. Instead of using loads of fossil fuels and extracting more asphalt from the ground, by recycling it you’re giving it new life and sparing excess fossil fuels.


Recycled aggregate substitute materials, for which asphalt is a key ingredient, is much more affordable than newly crushed aggregates.

Increased Credibility

Using recycled construction materials is actually a great way to boost appeal and create credibility in your project. People gravitate towards sustainable construction, so using these products (as well as recycling them) is a massive feather in your cap

Save money, buy quality and help protect the environment all at the same time. Recycled Concrete Products are your one-stop shop for recycling construction materials and purchasing high-grade recycled aggregates. With two convenient locations in Central Coast and Newcastle, look no further than Recycled Concrete Products.