If you need a stack of bricks tipped somewhere and taken off your hands, you’re in luck! We take bricks of all shapes, colours and sizes. Got a construction or demolition site that’s left you with excess bricks? No problem! Or how about a remodelling project that has produced more old bricks than you can handle? Easy. Recycled Concrete Products is where you need to take them.



bricks tipping

Here’s why we welcome your urgent need for brick tipping with open arms:

We love recycling bricks

That pile of spare bricks leftover from your construction or remodelling project is no trouble for us. We love recycling bricks and turning them into fresh, new aggregates.

How does Recycled Concrete Products accept bricks?

Brick tipping is easy at Recycled Concrete Products. Simply load up a truck full of all the bricks you need taken off your hands and bring them to our Central Coast or Newcastle depot. We’ll show you where to tip them and then we recycle them into new aggregates!

Why recycle bricks?

Bricks are made from clay, which is a natural resource that can be used over and over again. The beauty of recycling clay to produce an aggregate like bricks is that you’re killing two birds with one stone. For one, you’re saving more clay from being extracted, which improves sustainability and is better for the environment. And secondly, you’re preventing the clay product (in this case, bricks) from going into landfill which has become a huge problem over the years.

What are the perks?

Well, aside from the environmental benefits, recycling bricks comes with great perks:

  • A quality product comes out of recycling bricks into new aggregates. The quality of these recycled aggregates is the exact same quality as that of new aggregates.
  • Discount rates are given when you buy recycled, saving you significant chunks of cash.
rcp truck
Save money, buy quality and help protect the environment all at the same time. Recycled Concrete Products are your one-stop shop for recycling construction materials and purchasing high-grade recycled aggregates. With two convenient locations in Central Coast and Newcastle, look no further than Recycled Concrete Products.