When you need a material for a material for under-slabs, paving areas and other smaller-scale applications, you need to start with one key ingredient: quality crusher dust.

Getting this material newly crushed from the quarry is a thing of the past. The shift is now in the direction of high-grade, recycled slab fill and other concrete materials. Why? Let’s run through some of the best benefits of investing in a premium quality recycled dust like the products we deliver at Recycled Concrete Products.

Crusher Dust

But first, what is crusher dust or slab fill?

Crusher dust is a multipurpose material in the construction industry. It’s a fine dust that can be used on all sorts of applications – provided it’s of good quality. At Recycled Concrete Products, our dust displays the same top notch performance as all of our other products.

This is because we gather the crushed concrete pieces and discard the stuff that doesn’t make the cut. We choose great recycled concrete and use the latest equipment to finely crush it, taking it from an usable old piece of concrete or paver and turning it into a brand new product.

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Uses of slab fill

Premium quality slab fill like our stuff is the understated hero of many domestic construction projects. Our crusher dust can be used in the following applications:

Underside of concrete slabs

Great for compacting and stabilising the underside of concrete slabs before they get poured.


Suitable for home driveways before the pavers are laid.

Water tanks

Great for stabilising and compacting the ground before a water tank is installed.


Provides a similar function as when building driveways.


Top quality slab fill at affordable prices

Not only is recycled dust incredibly sustainable, it’s also very affordable when compared to other market products. Save money, buy quality and help protect the environment all at the same time. Recycled Concrete Products are your one-stop shop for recycling construction materials and purchasing high-grade recycled aggregates. With two convenient locations in Central Coast and Newcastle, look no further than Recycled Concrete Products.