With the numerous financial, environmental and quality-related benefits of recycled concrete products, there’s no wonder why so many Aussie companies and government agencies are choosing recycled aggregates over newly extracted ones.

One of the main benefits of recycled concrete is in its adaptability. It can be used for just about anything you’d use virgin aggregate concrete for, making it a highly versatile product.

Let’s talk to the professionals from Recycled Concrete Products and outline five ways to use recycled aggregates, leaving virgin materials in the past!

1) Road base

A large proportion of recycled concrete products are used towards building council and state infrastructure in the form of road base. High quality and easily compactible, it’s a prime choice for footpaths, roads, highways, driveways and more. Crushed road base from Recycled Concrete Products is a top-quality option for applications such as the ones just mentioned.

2) Driveways and pathways

Everyone loves the feeling of walking or driving across a gravel driveway. But the best thing about it isn’t even the sound of the pebbles under your feet – it’s the fact that gravel driveways are affordable and super sustainable! Recycled Concrete Products offer a 20mm road base that is suitable for driveways and pathways, adding an natural aesthetic element to your residential or commercial project.

3) Water filtration

Concrete can be taken in the form of large, hefty chunks and be transformed into fine sand – perfect for water filtration. Crushed filtration sand is a cornerstone product at Recycled Concrete Products. It’s moisture-wicking and naturally filtering, making it perfect for a range of applications from septic tank installation to water treatment systems and more.

4) Under slab

Contrary to popular belief, the concrete slab isn’t the first thing that gets laid when building a house. It’s actually the under slab. To lay a concrete slab, you need a smooth, nicely-compacted surface so that the slab itself turns out flat and smooth. Crusher dust is one recycled concrete product that is invaluable when laying an under slab. It has excellent compacting properties and can be used for several similar applications, like preparing the ground for water tank installation, or a temporary office on a construction site.

5) Retaining walls

Retaining walls need backfill in order to stabilise. This provides apt drainage and prevents the soil from collapsing. Recycled Concrete Products’ 50-30 mix is the ideal material for retaining wall and garden bed backfill, with great drainage properties and supreme stability.

The uses of recycled concrete seems limitless, right? Recycled Concrete Products are your go-to team for recycled aggregates on the Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter Valley. Premium quality recycled aggregates at discount prices are what you get at Recycled Concrete Products, keeping customers happy and the environment cleaner. Visit us at Recycle Concrete Products for all the materials you need for your next concrete project.