Construction is one of Australia’s most important industries. As a fast-growing country, there’s always a demand for new developments, as cities spread further and further. And with that comes the demand for high-quality recycled concrete!

New construction projects rely heavily on premium grade recycled concrete. It’s more affordable and sustainable than virgin aggregate, making it a popular choice for builders across Australia.

Here, the team at Recycled Concrete Products explain how to use recycled concrete in new construction projects:

Foundation construction

Recycled concrete is essential when building a new foundation. Before the foundation itself is laid, there’s a few things that need to happen. For one, the ground must be levelled and compacted. Slab fill or crusher dust, made from recycled concrete, is one of the best ways to create the under slab for your foundation. Having been crushed into very fine pieces, slab fill is easily compactable and creates a stable surface to prepare the foundation for pouring.

Recycled Concrete Products offer a top-notch slab fill which can be used to prepare for foundations, driveways, paths and more.


Who doesn’t love the look of a gravel driveway? If you’re constructing a new gravel driveway, choosing recycled crushed concrete over newly produced gravel is the way to go. Recycled concrete is far cheaper than gravel; instead of having to mine aggregates and produce them from scratch, recycled concrete simply gets crushed into small, round pieces and is ready to go.

50-30 mix from Recycled Concrete Products is a popular option for clever home builders who want to save money on constructing their gravel driveways without compromising quality.


Landscaping is one of the biggest parts of new construction that calls for recycled concrete to be used. From building a retaining wall, to garden beds, to drainage systems and more, Recycled Concrete Products offer a range of options for landscaping projects. 70-50 mix is a versatile product that can be used for most landscaping applications. Concrete is crushed roughly, to produce larger pieces measuring between 50mm and 70mm. The larger size allows for great drainage properties, and it’s commonly used for temporary ground coverage on construction sites where large trucks are passing through and impacting the soil. Using 70-50 keeps your ground solid, stable and in-tact.

Recycled concrete well and truly belongs in new construction projects. When you need top quality recycled concrete on the Central Coast or Newcastle, where do you go? Recycled Concrete Products are your local team who specialise in produce affordable yet premium grade crushed concrete in a range of sizes. From crusher dust to 70-50 mix and everything in between, Recycled Concrete Products offer diverse concrete solutions. Browse the range at Recycled Concrete Products and grab a quote from the team onsite today.