Cement has been used in construction for thousands of years. It’s the most widely used material in construction, and for good reason. But over the years, our construction processes have adapted to the growing need for recycling and sustainability.

That’s where recycled aggregates come into play. These high quality, completely recycled materials can be used for numerous applications and are of equal value to newly produced concrete, yet sparing the emissions that come with new concrete production.

Here, we’ll talk to the experts at the Central Coast’s Recycled Concrete Products, explaining what exactly recycled aggregate can be used for.

What is recycled concrete used for?

Recycled aggregate can be used for a whole bunch of different applications, from residential developments to civil construction:


Recycled aggregate can be used for residential and commercial landscaping projects, including in the construction of retaining walls, raised flower and garden beds, to build yard drainage systems and sized down as decorative gravel. Recycled Concrete Products’s 70-50 aggregate mix is popular for this.


It’s widely used in construction, for structural fill and embankments, as well as a sub-base material for foundations, parking lots and driveways.

Roads and infrastructure

State and council roads often use recycled aggregates. Whether it’s a national highway, or a suburban street, recycled aggregates create roads that are of equal quality as virgin concrete.

Commercial buildings

Recycled concrete has been successfully used in several types of industrial, warehouse and office development projects, including as part of the foundation and standing structures.

Local community

Public footpaths, walkways and asphalt pavement courts can be made out of recycled concrete and are typically just as durable and long-lasting as newly produce concrete.

Where does it come from?

Recycled aggregate comes from various existing concrete applications. Concrete rubble is harvested from just about anything! These can include demolished buildings, footpaths, curbs, gutters, local roads, state and national highways, airport runways, foundations and more.

What are the benefits?

Recycled concrete comes with a ton of benefits:


The production of virgin aggregates creates far more emissions than recycled concrete does. On top of this, not only are you reusing an existing product, but you’re sparing more of the earth’s materials from being used.


Recycled aggregates are more affordable than virgin aggregates, yet are equal in quality.


Recycled Concrete Products can make just about any type of aggregate out of concrete rubble. Whether you need a 70-50 mix or crusher dust, their products are diverse.

Recycled Concrete Products are the Central Coast and Newcastle’s leading specialists in the renewal of concrete and production of high grade recycled aggregates. Using state-of-the-art equipment and only the finest concrete rubble, Recycled Concrete Products’s products come with the guarantee of quality, durability, sustainability and affordability. Grab a quote from the legends at Recycled
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