There’s nothing like good landscaping. Immaculate hedges, meandering gravel paths, intricate garden beds, backyard forests, beautiful patios – whatever floats your boat, landscaping is undeniably an artform!

But what about the foundations upon which landscaping is based? There’s basically zero recognition for the building blocks of good landscaping, even though the foundation is what makes it possible.

That’s why, today, we’re giving credit where credits due. Here are five top ways to use recycled concrete in landscaping, and why it’s an essential part of any impressive landscaping job.

1) Gravel driveways

Gravel driveways look fantastic, they produce a satisfying sound when you drive over them, and (if you use recycled concrete) they’re cost-effective and sustainable. The best way to create a gravel driveway is to use a recycled aggregate from Recycled Concrete Products, like our 50-30 mix. This recycled mix is perfect for gravel paths and driveways, is super affordable and is 100 percent sustainable, sourced from repurposed concrete.

2) Rainwater tank installation

There are numerous benefits to having a rainwater tank; cleaner, fresher drinking water, saving money on water bills and saving precious rainwater from going into runoff are just a few! But you can’t install a rainwater tank on any patchy, sloped bit of grass. You need a nice, level and compacted spot to place it on. Crusher dust is the perfect material for this type of landscaping. Used to compact the ground before laying concrete slabs and driveways, it’s ideal for water tanks too.

3) Footpaths

Whether you want a gravel footpath in your home, or you’re pouring a concrete one, recycled concrete is going to be an essential feature in your landscaping project. For gravel footpaths, a rough aggregate like 50-30 should do the job nicely. For concrete paths, you’ll need some crusher dust to compact the land before you pour.

4) Drainage systems

If you extra drainage, then recycled concrete is also here to save the day. One product that’s super useful when landscaping is crushed filtration sand – a moisture-wicking sand that has excellent drainage properties. Using this product helps drainage and prevents areas from becoming bogged or flooded.

5) Garden beds

Fancy yourself as a green-thumb? Take the necessary steps to get your garden bed off on the right foot! Recycled Concrete Products’ 50-30 mix is ideal as a backfill for garden beds, allowing proper drainage.

Recycled Concrete Products can help make your landscaping project a success. With the best quality recycled aggregates at the lowest prices, Recycled Concrete Products are passionate about helping local contractors save money while doing something great for the environment. We also have beautiful pieces of recycled sandstone that can be used for “Crazy Paving”, garden walls and water features.

Recycled concrete is far more sustainable than virgin aggregates, and costs a fraction of the price, too. Get in touch with Recycle Concrete Products and get your landscaping project off to a cracking start.