Recycling bottles and cans is something most Aussies do. Why? Because we’re passionate about caring for our environment – and the 10c refund per item goes a long way when added up! But the crazy thing about recycled bottles and cans is that, from the moment you drop them off at the depot, they can be back on the shelves as new bottles and cans within just six weeks.

Concrete that has gone to waste in landfill takes 50 years to degrade. But recycling concrete is far, far quicker and gives life back to old aggregates that have already been mined. You’ve probably walked through hundreds of streets, on hundreds of footpaths made from recycled concrete without even knowing it!

And aside from streets and footpaths, recycled concrete can be used for a whole bunch of other applications. Let’s take a look at what else can be made from recycled concrete, thanks to the knowledge from the experts at Recycled Concrete Products on the Central Coast and Newcastle.


One of the main uses of recycled concrete is in infrastructure. Civil construction projects rely heavily on recycled concrete – whether that’s a road or highway reconstruction, footpaths, bridges, tunnels, or anything else.


Many landscaping applications can be completed thanks to recycled concrete. Aggregate mixes like 50/70 are particularly useful for residential and commercial applications like yard drainage systems, allowing rainwater to be successfully diverted and captured. Smaller aggregate mixes can be used for decorative gravel paths.


Recycled concrete is just as high in quality as virgin aggregate, so it can be used anywhere where virgin concrete would be applied. Many building projects across the world have been constructed entirely from recycled concrete – even famous pieces of modern architecture, like the Upcycle Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark. Every piece of concrete in this large residential project was made from recycled aggregate.

Environmental projects

Here’s where the true innovation and creativity of humans shows itself for the good! Environmental projects which benefit our wildlife and flora can be made from 100% recycled concrete too. Just take a look at the artificial concrete reef that was built off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida in 2013. Made from recycled concrete, this reef homes many species of fish, allowing them to live safely and be protected from predators.

Recycled Concrete Products produce the highest quality recycled aggregates that can be used for any project you need. They service the entire Central Coast region, as well as Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. Selecting only premium grade concrete for recycling, you can rely on Recycled Concrete Products to deliver reliable, quality goods at competitive prices. Save money, buy quality and operate sustainably all at the same time when you invest in Recycled Concrete Products.